Sunday, November 18, 2007

Steak and Fruitcake

Steak! As in the Palace Family Steak House. We attended their special performance 4 kids at the Excelsior Playground -- because the Chef & I are young at heart (and we are TPFSH fanclub members).

Everyone was happy to wave their potatoes in the air (and, as instructed, not throw them.) Plus, those sign holders were dedicated to their job.

They child-proofed the lyrics to a few songs, including "Feel Like Skipping Rope" which are not the original words to the sexytime favorite by Bad Company.

This was the first time we witnessed TWO dancing steaks. All my pictures of the dancing steaks turned out very blurry, because they were always dancing.

The next day was all about FRUITCAKE -- as in our annual pilgrimage to the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose's festive Holiday Boutique. We headed down to Fremont to load up on their olive oil, fruit cake, persimmons and (hic) bourbon balls.

(If you are related to me, you will be eating some of this fruitcake soon. That is either a threat or something that you can look forward to in December.)

The Sisters produce and sell olive oil made with olives from their own trees.

As the sisters like to joke, it's "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil. Really, they do.

One of the nuns asked me if I had bought a raffle ticket yet and I immediately said "YES!" (because I am a compulsive people pleaser) before I realized I had just lied to a nun. Bah! I try so hard to support the sisters, but there is no way to avoid the easy-to-step-into guilt of a lapsed Catholic (make that a lapsed Catholic who is also a big liar.)

This annual tradition always reminds the Chef & I that the holidays are around the corner even though it seems like the seasons here never change. Yet when we see that big stack of fruitcakes down in Fremont, we know that it is no longer June in California.

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